Facelift for Men

Facelift for Men

Facelift for Men

At one time, men rarely chose to undergo a facelift, but times have changed. Today, many men put as much care into how they look like women – and why not look great? You work out hard at the gym, eat right, and invest in skincare products to keep yourself looking and feeling more youthful. But at a certain point, Father Time will catch up to you, leaving your face looking older, with sagging skin, jowls, and droopy cheeks. Dr. Helen Allison is recognized as a leading facial plastic surgeon for men and can help you look years younger with a custom male facelift procedure.

Loose and sagging facial skin can be resolved.

Non-surgical procedures such as injectables and lasers can help rejuvenate the face. Unfortunately, it is impossible
to resolve loose, sagging skin without surgery fully. In a male surgical male facelift, Dr. Helen Allison can:

A male facelift can make you look as young as you feel. This can be important for men who are retiring later and want to stay competitive in the workforce or want to continue to look vital and youthful when the time has
taken a toll on the facial structure.

SMAS facelift for superior results in male facelift surgery

The SMAS, which is a thin layer of connective tissue (fascia)
located beneath the skin and fat, but above the muscle,
connects the face, mid-face, and neck muscles. By
addressing facial structure at this deep level, there is no
unnatural pulling on the skin. Instead, the skin is re-draped
over newly tightened muscles. When this technique is used by
a very experienced surgeon such as Dr. Helen Allison, it can
deliver results that appear completely natural.

Private male face surgery consultation

It is vital when considering any kind of facial rejuvenation that
you meet with your plastic surgeon for a full evaluation, and to get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. 

Dr. Helen Allison is uniquely qualified to understand your needs, fears, and concerns about facial surgery.

Special surgical techniques for men to protect sideburns and beard

The other consideration with male patients is associated with protecting the sideburns and beard. The surgeon needs to assess how your beard grows and devise a treatment plan that takes this into account.

You don’t want the incisions to affect your sideburns or beard. The goal of a successful male facelift is to turn back the clock without feminizing the face. While the technique for men and women is similar, the aesthetic outcome is very different. A masculine face has a more vertical vector with a square shape and a clean, defined jawline.

Dr. Helen Allison is sensitive because no patient wants to be left with a visible scar. This is when her experience and years of training really come into play. She is meticulous in creating and closing incisions in performing a male facelift. Because of this, her male facelift scars are well-hidden and, once healed, practically invisible.